1. labor day morning mix.

    Jason Crumer - Disqualifier - Disqualifier - LP - Blossoming Noise

    Lussuria - Eyes of the World - Industriale Illuminato - CD - Hospital

    Howard Stelzer - Brayton Point - Brayton Point - Download - Dokuro/Bandcamp

    Allegory Chapel LTD. - Nazca Wormhole - Resurrection - Cassette - Chrondritic

    Robert Curgenven - Cornubia - Sirene - LP - Recorded Fields Editions

    Kyle Eyre Clyde - Revel in the Storm - Pale Dawn Creeps - LP - Halatern

    Shredded Nerve - Left in Capable Hands - Hanging in the Balance - Cassette - Chrondritic

    Private Archive - Video Liquidators/Coltal Eel (Fentanyl Lollipop Mix)- Honey Aspic Enema - Cassette - Private Archive

  3. private-archive:

    Private Archive at SSIII
    7/26/14@ The Foundry
    Buffalo, NY


  4. sunday morning mix of noise/r&b/raps


  5. Here is something non-noise (?) related.

    This is No Warning Shots. An audio rip of the infamous DVD. These are the sounds I came of age with. Chicano Rap and Gang Threats. A couple of the gang clips featured are/were my neighborhood’s gang. I don’t believe it is hard to draw the relation between this soundscape and my interest in all aspects of the music usually featured on this site.

    Also, I’m spending less time posting noise clips on this tumblr and more time dropping them in my twitter feed over at @NZVZN


  6. totalvibration:



    I’m making a master upload of all the Gerogerigegege albums in a single zip, for convenience. This includes every release excluding the following:

    • The Gero-P (First release I think, unfindable)
    • Public Environment (Limited to 5 copies, unfindable)
    • Piano River (10 copies, never for sale, friends only release)
    • Live At Tokyo Gay Center (Limited to 10 copies, unfindable)
    • The split with Masonna (1 copy, unfindable)

    It also doesn’t include some releases that never had actual music on it, like Shaking Box Music and Art Is Over. I also left out Recycled Music because it doesn’t have any of their own material on it.

    This took a while to compile, plus its 1.4 GB.

    Get gegege!

    What in the… 

  7. Skullflower playing live at Red Bull Music Academy’s “Hardcore Activity In Progress” at Knockdown Center in Queens, New York City on May 16, 2014.

  8. Government Alpha + Kazumoto Endo - Noise For Kelly

  9. AMK - live @ Handbag Factory - Los Angeles, California - April 16th 2014

  10. Pedestrian Deposit at The Borg Ward (4/5/14)

  11. noise2010:

    Sudden Infant

  12. noise2010:

    Crank Sturgeon

  13. dogpolice:

    3”x10” - back patch sized
    white on black canvas

    $7.5 shipped in the US/Canada - paypal

    $10 international - paypal

    pre-order now. should have these by the end of the month, ordering these & something else at the end of the week. only doing one run.

  14. markmccoyart:

    The Best of THROBBLE GRISTLE Master Tape Vol:One:1975-1976:, “Gen’s Copy” CS. Collection of Ryan Martin.